Simultaneous determination of Ibuprofen and Tizanidine in bulk drug and its combined dosage form by spectrophotometry 

By P. Kumar Nallasivan, K. C. Saranya, R. Siva Kumar, S. Jeevanantham, R. Venkatnarayanan 


To develop two simple Spectrophotometric methods for the simultaneous estimation of Ibuprofen and Tizanidine from tablet dosage form. Simultaneous equation method involves the measurement of absorbance at two wavelengths 264 nm (?max of Ibuprofen) and 319 nm (?max of Tizanidine). Absorbance correction method in which absorbance is measured at two wavelengths 264 nm at which Tizanidine has no absorbance and 319 nm at which both the drugs have considerable absorbance. The methods were found linear between the range of 150- 750 µg/ml for Ibuprofen and 3-15 µg/ml for Tizanidine for both the methods. The accuracy and precision were determined and validated statistically. Both the methods showed good reproducibility and recovery with % RSD less than 1. The methods were found to be rapid, specific, precise and accurate and can be successfully applied for the routine analysis of Ibuprofen and Tizanidine in bulk and combined dosage form. 

Keywords: Ibuprofen, Tizanidine, Absorbance Correction method, Simultaneous Equation method. 

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