Development and evaluation of chitosan ocuserts containing Ciprofloxacin - bCD complex 

By Sarath.C.Shenoy, Harsha.P, Saraswathi.R, Krishnan P.N, Deepthi Swapna P.R, Prasanth S.S. 


The objective of the study was to develop an ocular insert of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride & evaluate for sustained ocular delivery of drug. Physical characterization, stability studies, microbiological and invitro release studies were done. The ocuserts were made which were of matrix diffusion control system. Kneading and Solvent casting technique and was used to prepare the ocuserts. Two formulations were prepared, a plain formulation consisting of the polymer chitosan and ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and the second one consisting of the polymer, drug-beta cyclodextrin complex in specific ratios. The ocuserts were physically examined for colour and various other physical parameters were evaluated. Based on the physical parameters further studies were carried out like stability, microbiological and invitro release studies.  The ocuserts were evaluated for thickness and diameter, weight variation test, folding endurance, moisture absorption, stability studies, microbiological studies and invitro release studies. This was done for the two formulations and the formulation with beta cyclodextrin showed a better result on basis of all the tests that were performed. 

Key words : Ciprofloxacin,  ß CD complex, chitosan ocuserts.  

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