Osmotically controlled Diclofenac sodium tablets: membrane and osmogens effects 

By B.Mishra, C.Sankar, C.Dilip, V.Pravitha,  Arun Raj, T.Anwar Sadique 


The present investigation was aimed with the design and evaluation of osmotic controlled tablets (OCT) of Diclofenac sodium (DS). Different batches of OCT were prepared using variables like different osmogen, osmopolymer, different types of coating membrane with three variable thickness, and orifices of two different diameters. All the fabricated tablets were evaluated for various physical parameters and in vitro drug release characteristics studied on USP XXIV dissolution apparatus II in distilled water (DW). In addition to effect of different stirring conditions of release medium, the effect of above formulation variables were studied on drug release performance of OCT.  The drug release from OCT were found to be dependent on the type and the thickness of coating membrane, various types of osmogens and osmopolymer, and were independent of orifice size and agitation intensities of release medium. All the fabricated formulations showed prolonged and controlled DS release as compared to commercial tablets studied.  

Keywords: Osmotic controlled tablets, Controlled release, Diclofenac sodium, Osmotic pump. 

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