An update of taste masking methods and evaluation techniques 

By Vinod M. Sonawane, Maria Saiffee, Nitin Y. Shinde, Aliabbas H. Hawaldar, Nilesh A.Pawar 


Taste is an important factor in the development of dosage form. Many orally administered drugs elicite bitter taste. Palatability is an extremely important factor in ensuring the likelihood that the recipient will take medicine. Previously the attitude of “Worse the taste of medicine, better the cure? was observed, but now-a-days several approaches of masking the bitter taste have been developed. It includes adding sugars, flavors, sweeteners, use of lipoproteins, numbing taste buds, coating drug, microencapsulation, multiple emulsion, viscosity modifier, vesicles and liposomes, prodrug and salt formation, inclusion and molecular complexes, solid dispersion, application of Ion Exchange Resins (IERs).This article reviews the earlier methodologies and approaches of taste masking and bitterness reduction. 

Keywords: Taste masking, taste abatement, Electronic Tongue, E-tongue, Microencapsulation. 

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