Antidiarrheal and anti inflammatory activities of Lupeol, Quercetin, ß- Sitosterol, Adene-5-en-3-ol and Caffeic acid isolated from Rhizophora Mucronata Bark 

By Rohini RM and Amit Kumar Das 


The anti inflammatory and antidiarheal effect of Rhizophra mucronata bark extracts led to the isolation of active phytoconstituent/s(1-6) such as lupeol , a new terpenoid  adeneneol ,  quercetin , and caffeic acid , all of which were subjected to carrageen induced paw edema and castor oil induced diarrheal method to assess the activity, it was observed that decrease in  percentage of paw volume as caffeic acid< adeneol< lupeol< ß- sitosterol, quercetin at 10 mg/kg with respect to control and  quercetin and caffeic acid reduced the number of wet feces during the 4 h study ; it would be hypothesized that quercetin , sitsterol  and caffeic acid exerted anti inflammatory and anti diarrheal effect by inhibiting the prostaglandins synthesis and due their antioxidant action, while failure of anti diarrheal action and positive response of  anti inflammatory action of  lupeol and adene-5-en-3-ol,would be through non prostaglandins biosynthesis 

Key words   lupeol, adene-5-en-3-ol,, quercetin , caffeic acid, Rhizophora mucronata

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