Rifampicin Proniosomes- An Approach to Improve the Stability of Niosomes 

ByLintu Mathew, C.Sankar, C.Dilip, Azeem.A.K, Abdul bari Mambra, Divya Raj, LisaMaryMani, V.Sankar, P.Vinodhini, R.Sivapathavelan, E.Balasubramanian, P.Kanniyappan 


The aim of the work was to prepare a Rifampicin niosomal formulation and to compare the entrapment efficacy and release having Cholesterol and Myristyl alcohol as membrane stabilizers and to convert the niosome formulation into proniosome for improved stability. Six formulations of Rifampicin niosomes were prepared with three different surfactants by thin film hydration method using cholesterol and myristyl alcohol as membrane stabilizers. The niosomal suspensions were evaluated for size analysis, drug entrapment and invitro release. Lyophilization was also performed for niosomal formulation. Rifampicin proniosome were prepared by thin film hydration method using mannitol as carrier with surfactant Span20. The formulations of span 40 with myristyl alcohol and span 20 with cholesterol showed higher entrapment efficiency. Invitro drug release from span 20 formulations with cholesterol was found to be slower than with the formulation containing span 40 with myristyl alcohol. The study proves that the membrane stabilizing activity of cholesterol shows the feasibility of storing niosomal suspension in the form of proniosomes for a longer duration. 

Key words: Rifampicin; Niosomes; Cholesterol;

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