Evaluation of antidiabetic and antioxidant effect of Schrebera swietenioides fruit ethenolic extract 

By Rajkumar S. Bagali, Sunil S. Jalalpure 


Herbal medicines provide rational means for the treatment of many diseases that are obstinate and incurable in other systems of medicine. The aim of the study is the systematic screening of Schrebera swietenioides fruit ethenolic extract with the purpose of discovering new bioactive compounds for diabetes mellitus and to establish the scientific basis for the therapeutic actions of traditional plant medicines. In present study Schrebera swietenioides fruit ethenolic extract was studied for the acute and sub acute effects on alloxan induced diabetic rats. This extract was investigated for the antihyperglycemic action by using glucose hyperglycemic rats. Blood glucose levels and Serum lipid profiles were measured. The whole pancreas from each animal was removed after sacrificing the animal and subjected for histological examination. This extract’s DPPH radical scavenging potential was also studied. In OGTT, reduction of fasting blood glucose levels took place from 60 min of extracts administration. In acute study, blood glucose lowering potential percentage of Schrebera swietenioides fruit ethenolic extract was 14 % at 6 hr after extract administration and in sub acute study, after 15 days of treatment it was 42 % when compared with diabetic rats. The ethenolic fruit extract of  Schrebera swietenioides Linn. showed better activity in quenching DPPH radical with an IC50 value of  423 µg /ml when compared with Standard BHT(Butylated hydroxytolune) IC50 value of  107µg /ml. 

Keywords: Schrebera swietenioides; Antidiabetic; Antioxidant; Alloxan induced diabetic rats; Hypoglycemic

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