Invitro antibacterial activity of dried scale leaves of Allium cepa linn 

By K. Vamshi Sharath Nath, K.N.V Rao, S. Sandhya, M. Sai Kiran, David Banji, L. Satya Narayana, Vijaya laxmi.C 


The study was carried out to ascertain the antibacterial properties present in different extracts of dried scale leaves of Allium cepa.  The Antibacterial testing of Allium cepa dried Scale leaves extract was evaluated by Agar well diffusion method using gram positive bacteria like Staphylococus aureus, Bacillus subtilius, gram negative bacteria like Escherichia coli, Klebseilia pneumoniae. Amongst the test extracts, the results suggested that hexane, dioxon, Ethanol extracts of Scale leaves showed significant antibacterial activity compared with standard drug. 

Key words: Allium cepa, Gentamycin, Flavonoids, Anthocyanins.

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