Drug particle engineering of poorly water soluble drugs

By Praveen Koshy, Sharad Pacharane, Amol Chaudhry, Kisan Jadhav and Vilasrao Kadam.


Poor aqueous solubility is a major issue in the pharmaceutical industries for dosage form development. A limiting factor for In vivo performance of these drugs after oral administration is their inadequate ability to be wetted by and dissolved into the fluid in the gastrointestinal tract. Particle engineering techniques are tools to modify the physicochemical, micromeritics and biopharmaceutical properties of the poorly soluble drug and hence solubility. In the present review different approaches of particle engineering technology like mechanical techniques, evaporative precipitation into aqueous solution, controlled precipitation, supercritical fluid technologies, freezing techniques, sonication technology etc. which improve the aqueous solubility of drugs are discussed

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