Determination of Glibenclamide in tablets by densitometric HPTLC

By Shweta S. Havele and Sunil R. Dhaneshwar


A simple and sensitive, HPTLC method has been developed for the quantitative estimation of glibenclamide in its single component tablet formulation. Glibenclamide was chromatographed on silica Gel 60 F254 TLC plate using toluene: ethyl acetate: methanol in the ratio of 8.0:0.5:1 (v/v/v) as mobile phase. Glibenclamide showed Rf value of 0.45±0.07 and was scanned at 229 nm using Camag TLC Scanner 3. The linear regression data for the calibration plot showed a good relationship with r =0.9994. The method was validated for precision and recovery. The limits of detection and quantification were 6 and 20 ng/spot respectively. The developed method was successfully used for the assay of glibenclamide tablet formulations. The method is simple, sensitive and precise; it can be used for the routine quality control testing of marketed formulations.

Key words: Thin layer chromatography, pharmaceutical analysis, antidiabetic drug, Glibenclamide tablet, bulk drug.

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