Solanum torvum Sw. - A phytopharmacological review

By Ashok D. Agrawal, Puja S. Bajpei, Ashwini A. Patil, Sunil R. Bavaskar


Solanum torvum is a commonly used herb in traditional medicine. This review supports all updated information on its phytochemical and pharmacological activities and scientific approach. The plant extracts have been widely used for the treatment of a large number of human ailments. The chemical entities of this plant has been used as antihypertensive, antioxidant, cardiovascular, anti-platelet aggregation activities, anti-microbial activity, sedative, digestive, hemostatics  and  diuretic activities etc. Scientifically proved activities are related with traditional concept. Scientific evidence exists with respect to their major and minor constituents. Solanum torvum is one of the most important controversial and effective natural origins that have a tremendous future for research. The novelty and applicability of Solanum torvum are hidden. Such things should be overcome through modern scientific concept.

Key words: Solanum torvum, pharmacological activities, scientific.

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