Phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial activity of Leucas cephalotes Roth. Spreng Whole Herb

By Katara Antariksh, Pradhan Chandan Kumar, Tyagi Amit Kumar and Singh Pradeep


Leucas cephalotes Roth. Spreng (Lamiaceae) is the well known herb in the Ayurvedic and Modern systems of medicine, to cure various disorders. Commonly known as Dronpushpi or Guma is mainly a rainy season weed found throughout India, The plant is authentified by Taxonomist Dr. Anjula Pandey and specimen (NHCP/NBPGR 2009-9/900) has preserved in NBPGR, Pusa Campus, Delhi. Powdered plant material analyzed for the two major attributes, Pharmacognostic parameters and Phyto-chemical characterization followed by the quantitative analysis of Tannins and Flavonoids. Antimicrobial activity on the Toluene and Methanolic extract was also performed in which Methanolic extract have shown the 59% and 41% zone of inhibition on the bacterial strains and on the fungal strains resp. when compared to the standards.

Key words: Dronpushpi/Guma, Pharmacognosy, florescence analysis and antimicrobial activity.    

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