Proniosomes: An emerging vesicular system in drug delivery and cosmetics

By Rishu Kakar, Rekha Rao,  Anju Goswami,  Sanju Nanda and Kamal Saroha


A number of novel drug delivery systems have emerged encompassing various routes of administration to achieve controlled and targeted drug delivery. Encapsulation of the drug in vesicular structures is one such system, which can be predicted to prolong the existence of the drug in systemic circulation and reduce the toxicity, if selective uptake can be achieved. Consequently, a number of vesicular drug delivery systems such as liposomes, niosomes, transferosomes, ethosomes and proniosomes were developed. Proniosomes are water soluble carrier particles that are coated with surfactant and can be hydrated to form a niosomal dispersion immediately before use on brief agitation in hot aqueous media. This review presents an overview about proniosomes reporting the preparation methods, characterization techniques and the studies of penetration and transport of various drugs through skin.

Key words: Proniosomes, niosomes, transdermal drug delivery, cosmetics.

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