Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

By Vijaya laxmi. Chiluka, David Banji, Otilia Banji, Murali Sollu and Swetha Merugu


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder which occurs during childhood and persists into adult hood. It is the most common emotional, cognitive and behavioral disorder which is highly heritable and a neurological disorder characterized by Inattention, Hyper activity and Impulsivity. It is a disruptive disorder whose etiology and pathogenesis are poorly under stood, and a multi factorial disorder for which the factors like dietary, environmental, genetic, psychosocial factors contribute to the development of the disorder. It is a chronic disorder which is diagnosed by DSM-IV-TR and is highly responsive to stimulant medication.

Key words: ADHD, neurological disorder, risk factors.

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