Assessment of antihypertensive prescribing pattern and patient counseling in an urban population

By Siva Sakthi. R, Sabin Thomas, Sivakumar. K K,  Karhikeyan. J and Saravana Kumar. N


A cross sectional descriptive study was carried out in order to assess the prescription pattern of Anti –Hypertensive prescribing pattern and patient counseling in urban population .The study were 500 Hypertensive patients from the community pharmacy who visited to refill the prescriptions. Patients were categorized as per JNC-7 guidelines. Blood pressure control and current utilization of Hypertensive drugs were studied using Instate Excel Sheet. The main outcome measures were improvement in Anti-Hypertensive prescription pattern and satisfaction in counseling. Mean age of the group under study was 48 years (range =18 to 76 years) .there were 404 (49%) male patients. In this study fixed dose combination Therapy was mostly used.427 (85 %) patients were satisfied with pharmacist counseling. Dyslipidemia was the major co-morbitities in urban population. Due to sedentary life –style .The study resulted diuretics as the main drug of choice during initial therapy either alone or in combination with other drugs. community pharmacist play major role in educating the Hypertensive patients to have a better blood pressure control and Life style modification that can prevent Cardio Vascular complications.

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