Preparation and evaluation of binary and ternary inclusion complex of Itraconazole

By Kamlesh Kumari, Vijay Sharma, Betty Philip and Kamla Pathak


The aim of this work was to assess the advantage of ternary complexes of   itraconazole  over its binary complex with  ß-cyclodextrin  (ß-CD) so as to explore the possibility of further improving the solubility, dissolution rate and complexation efficiency of  itraconazole -ßCD by addition of  auxillary substance plasdone S-630. The phase solubility study performed in the presence of fixed amount of plasdone S-630 showed a linear, AL type diagram with a seven fold enhancement in the complexation efficiency and the stability constant was calculated as 887.60 M-1. Of the various preparation techniques used ternary complexes prepared by freeze drying exhibited highest %DE90 of 30.12. The freeze dried and microwave irradiated  itraconazole -ßCD –plasdone S-630 terneray complexes were characterized by SEM, XRD, DSC and 1HNMR.

Key words: Itraconazole, ternary complexes, ß-cyclodextrin, Plasdone S-630, complexation efficiency.

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