Design, Synthesis, Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Some novel Chalconesemicarbazone derivatives

By Hemendra Pratap Singh, C S Chauhan, S N Pandeya, C S Sharma, B Srivastava, Manmohan Singhal


In the present study we have designed a new pharmacophore ‘Chalconesemicarbazone’ by pharmacophore hybridization approach of drug design. A series of novel ‘chalconylsemicarbazide’ derivatives was synthesized. The synthesized compounds were evaluated for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. Most of the compounds were found to be more or comparable potent than the reference standard drugs. Based on the pharmacological screening results 1-(1,5-diphenylpenta-2,4-dienylidene)-4-(2-nitrophenyl) semicarbazide (15) was the most active lead compound.


Key Words : Chalcones, Analgesic activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Semicarbazones.

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