Development and evaluation of osmotic drug delivery system for calcium channel blocker drug

By Rashmin S Thakor, Falguni D Majmudar, Jayvadan K Patel, Ganesh C Rajput and Manish P Patel


Osmotic drug delivery systems are new approach for a controlled release dosage form. Nifedipine is a calcium channel blocker used in the treatment of hypertension. Nifedipine was selected as a model drug for investigation because it required 2-3 doses daily.  So controlled release formulation is require. Controlled release of drug is achieved by adding a suitable polymer in dosage form. In present studied we prepared different dosage form using a Polyethylene oxide controlled release polymer. From the result it was cleared that higher concentration of water swell able polymer give optimum controlled release. Devices were prepared by two membrane thickness 110 µm and 340 µm. Nifedipine drug in osmotic tablet dosage form gives controlled release with 340 µm membrane thickness compare to 110 µm. Nifedipine drug release is similar from 250 µm and 510 µm diameter orifice size contained dosage form.    


Key Words : Osmotic drug delivery, Nifedipine, Zero order release, PEO, Membrane thickness, VPO.


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