Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Antipyretic Activity of Carissa Spinarum Root Extract

By Karunakar Hegde, Arun B Joshi


Carissa spinarum Linn. (Family: Apocynaceae) has been used traditionally for the treatment of inflammation-related disorders such as rheumatic pain and to relieve fever. In the present study the ethanolic extract of the roots of Carissa spinarum (ERCS) was evaluated for its phytochemical screening and antipyretic activity. Wistar albino rats were induced with Brewer’s yeast (2 ml/kg, S.C.) for pyrexia and antipyretic activity was assessed with 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg, p.o. ethanolic extract. The ethanolic extract significantly (P <0.05) reduced the elevated body temperature in a dose dependent manner. The presence of wide varieties of phytoconstituents may attribute to the promising antipyretic activity of Carissa spinarum root extract.


Key Words : Antipyretic activity, Brewer’s yeast, Carissa spinarum, Phytochemical screening.

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