Novel Spectrophotometric Quantitative Estimation of Torsemide in Tablets Using Mixed Hydrotropic Agent

By Nilesh Jain, Ruchi Jain, Navneet Thakur, Brahm Prakash Gupta, Jitendra Banweer and Surendra Jain


A novel, safe, accurate and sensitive spectrophotometric method was developed using containing mixture of 2 M sodium acetate and 8 M Urea in the ration of 50:50% V/V solution as hydrotropic solubilizing agent for the quantitative determination of poorly water-soluble mixed hydrotropic solution torsemide , a very slightly water soluble (5.96X10-02 mg/ml) diuretic drug in tablet dosage form. There were more than 86 fold enhancements in the solubility of torsemide increases in mixed hydrotropic solution as compared to solubility in distilled water precluding the use of organic solvents. Torsemide shows maximum absorbance at 288 nm. Sodium acetate, urea and other commonly used tablet excipients did not show any absorbance above 240 nm, and thus no interference in the estimation was seen. Torsemide is obeyed Beer’s law in the concentration range of 10 to 50µg/ml (r2= 0.9996) in mixed hydrotropic solution with mean recovery ranging from 99.23 to 99.64%. The present investigation is new, simple, economic, safe, rapid, accurate and reproducible. The developed methods were validated according to ICH guidelines and result of accuracy, precision and other statistical analysis were found to be in good accordance with the prescribed values.


Key Words : Torsemide, hydrotropic, sodium acetate, urea, spectrophotometry.

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