Formulation and Evaluation of Gastroretentive Floating Drug Delivery System of Ketoprofen

By B. Manjula, B. Mohammed Ishaq, C. Hari Kumar, G. Usha Rani


Ketoprofen is an anionic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), was selected as a model drug. Different tablets formulations were prepared by wet granulation method. Required quantity of drug, and low-density polymer (HPMC K4M, HPMC K100M and Ethyl cellulose), alkalizing agent (sodium bicarbonate), and acidifying agent (citric acid) were passed through 60 mesh sieve and mixed thoroughly. Then, granulating agent (PVP) was added slowly with uniform mixing the get a wet mass. The wet mass was passed through sieve no 16 to obtain wet granules. The granules were dried at 50 º C for 5 to 6 hrs in tray dryer. The dried granules were passed through, after blending with lubricants (talc) was compressed using tablet compression machine (11mm diameter punches). Each tablet contained 200mg of Ketoprofen and other pharmaceutical ingredients. All the ten formulations were evaluated for various tests like thickness, hardness, friability, weight variation, tablet density, swelling index, drug content, dissolution, micromeritic properties and other kinetic parameters etc. Drug excipient interactions were studied with IR technique which found that there was no interaction between them. Total floating time and Buoyancy lag time were found to be satisfactory for 10th formulation.


Key Words : Ketoprofen, HPMC, Ethyl cellulose, Buoyancy, sodium bicarbonate, swelling index.

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