Microwave facilitated extraction of Bixin from Bixa orellana and it’s in-vitro antioxidant activity

By Soumya Vasu, Venkatesh Palaniyappan, Hari Prasath Kothandam, Shrishailappa Badami


Bixa orellana seeds are the only natural source of bixin, a carotenoid widely used in the food industry as colourant. The aim of this present work was to isolate bixin in a short duration by the use of facilitated microwave extraction. Several extraction parameters such as temperature, time, and amount of solvent were first optimized. The conventional heating for 90 min provided 8.231 % bixin and by microwave heating at 210 W for 18 min, the yield was 16.281 %. Microwave assisted extraction (MAE) was identified as the most effective extraction procedure for isolation of bixin. MAE is a green technology, alternative and superior to conventional extraction for the extraction of bixin. Both the isolated compounds were found to be same as evidence by spectroscopic and chromatographic studies. A comparative antioxidant study of both conventional and microwave isolated bixin were performed.


Key Words : Bixa orellana,Microwave Assisted Extraction, Bixin, Antioxidant activity.

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