Formulation and evaluation of rapidly disintegrating film of Levocetrizine Hydrochloride

By Shivani Singh, Satyam Gangwar, Garima Garg, Vipin Garg, P. K. Sharma


In the present study fast dissolving film of levocetrizine hydrochloride was prepared using sodium alginate as film forming polymer. To decrease the disintegration time of formulations sodium starch glycolate was used as disintegrating agent. A full 32 factorial design was applied using concentration of polymer and disintegrant as independent variable and disintegration time and % cumulative drug release as dependent variable. Response surface curves were plotted. Batch F6 was found to be the optimized batch as its disintegration was completed within the minimum time as compared to all other batches. The formulation (F6) was also showing sufficient drug release after 6 min. All the nine formulation was showing approximately 70-85% drug release after 6 min.


Key Words : Levocetrizine hydrochloride, fast dissolving film, response surface plot, sodium alginate.

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