Effacing diseases with antisense oligonucleotides

By David Banji, Otilia J. F. Banji, Jyothi Pinnapureddy.


Anti-sense oligonucleotides are short, modified single stranded DNA or RNA that hybridize with target mRNA and inhibit synthesis of encoded peptide. This inhibition is achieved by either degradation of target mRNA by RNase enzyme or by blocking translation. Novel therapeutics are the need of the hour to combat newer diseases. High specificity and lower costs are core issues in the development of novel therapeutic agents. Antisense oligonucleotides meet all these criteria and are also effective in targeting a number of diseases. The presence of formivirsen in the market has provided an impetus for development of new antisense oligonucleotides and several others are in the pipeline. This review focuses on various facets of antisense oligonucliotides.


Key Words : Antisense, oligonucleotides, RNase-H, mRNA.

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