Anti ulcer activity of ethanolic extract of fruit of Trapa bispinosa Roxb in animals

By D. M. Kar, L. Maharana, S. C. Si, M. K. Kar, D. Sasmal



The antiulcer activity of the fruits of Trapa bispinosa (Trapaceae) was studied on wistar rats. The antiulcer activity of 50% ethanolic extract at two dose levels was evaluated by using pyloric ligation and aspirin plus pyloric ligation models. The tests extract revealed significant antiulcer activity, which might be due to increase in total carbohydrate content and alter state of mucosal barrier of the stomach. The results indicate that the ethanolic extract of fruits of Trapa bispinosa is endowed with potential antiulcer activity.


Key Words : Pylorus ligation, fucose, siali acid, total carbohydrate, water chestnut.

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