Phyto-phospholipid complex: A tabular update


By Aditi Joshi, Ashish Jain, Satish Nayak



Phytoconstituents have been used in medicine science since ancient times due to their various pharmacological actions. But most of them (like flavanoids, terpenoids) are low in lipid solubility and have large molecular size due to complex multiple ring structure, causing poor absorption and poor bioavailability via oral route. The phytosome system of drug delivery results in increased bioavailability of these phytoconstituents. Phytosome are produced by a patented process where standardized plant extracts/phytoconstituents are bound to phospholipids (mostly phosphatidylcholine). The phytosome technology has been applied over many popular herbal drugs such as Ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, milk thistle, grape seed, green tea and ginseng.


Key Words : Phytosomes, phytoconstituents, phytophospholipids.

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