Antitumor activity of the ethanol extract of Amaranthus spinosus leaves against EAC bearing swiss albino mice

By L. Samuel Joshua , Vipin Chandra Pal , K. L. Senthil Kumar , Ram Kumar Sahu , Amit Roy


The present study was carried out to evaluate the antitumor potentials of Amaranthus spinosus against EAC bearing Swiss albino mice. The ethanol extract of its leaves given orally to mice at the dose of 100 and 200 mg/kg body weight for 16 days. It was observed that decrease in tumor volume and viable cell count, while increase in mean survival time and non viable tumor cell count, when compared to the mice of the EAC control group. Restoration of hematological and biochemical parameters towards normal was also observed. The results suggest that the ethanol extract of Amaranthus spinosus leaves exhibits significant antitumor effects in EAC bearing mice.

Key Words : Amaranthus spinosus, EAC, 5-Fluorouracil, tumor volume, viable cell count.


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