In-vitro anti-denaturation and antibacterial activities of Zizyphus oenoplia

By R. Ramalingam, B. Bindu Madhavi, A. Ravinder Nath, N. Duganath, E. Udaya Sri, David Banji 


Zizyphus oenoplia mill belongs to the family Rhamnaceae. The fruits of the plant are used as stomach-ache pills and root bark decoction is used to promote the healing of fresh wounds. Plant has shown the presence of cyclopeptide alkaloids. Aerial parts of the plant were reported to have anti-inflammatory and anticholinergic activities. Bark and leaves of the plant were reported for antibacterial activity. No biological and antibacterial activities were reported on root part of Zizyphus oenoplia. The aim of the study was to investigate the Anti-denaturation and antibacteriial activities for various extracts of the Zizyphus oenoplia. Root part of Zizyphus oenoplia was extracted with ethyl acetate, 90% ethanol and water using soxhlet apparatus. The solvents were evaporated under reduced pressure below 400C using rotary evaporator to obtain dry extracts. These crude extracts were subjected to investigation for anti-denaturation study and antibacterial study by using a method designed by William’s et al and agar ditch diffusion method respectively. Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of carbohydrates, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, tannins and saponins. All the extracts of Zizyphus oenoplia protected Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) from denaturation more than 97% at 1µg/ml concentration. Only ethanolic extract showed antibacterial activity against Staphylococus aureus


Key Words : Zizyphus oenoplia, anti-denaturation, bovine serum albumin and antibacterial activity.


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