Preparation and evaluation of periodontal gel of Ornidazole using natural polymers

By Vikesh Shukla, Vasudha M., Vineet Bhardwaj, Masareddy R. S., Manvi F. V. 


Periodontal diseases are the conditions that affect the supporting structure of teeth leading to the formation of pocket due to which tooth loss occurs, for which site specific injectable drug delivery systems are gaining importance. In the present study six batches of Ornidazole gels were prepared using natural biodegradable polymers Chitosan, Xanthum gum and Locust bean gum in variable concentrations. The formulated gels were characterized for surface pH, viscosity, bioadhesion strength, in vitro drug release studies and antimicrobial susceptibility test. The results revealed that the surface pH was within the range of neutral pH. The bioadhesion strength was maximum for F3 formulation (3% chitosan); viscosity values were ranging from 1400 to 1975 dyne/cm2. Best formulation in terms of cumulative percent drug release along with bioadhesion was formulation F3 with 79.23% drug release for 7 days and fulfilled many requirements of once a week delivery system, easy to fabricate, cost effective patient compliance is also very high. Zone of inhibition was also satisfactory for all the formulations.  


Key Words : Ornidazole; chitosan; periodontal diseases; bioadhesion; syringeability


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