Assessment of the suspending properties of Cordia gheraf Gum on Paracetamol suspension

By Vinod Doharey, Nisha Sharma, M. C. Bindal


Some excipients are currently available for the formulation of pharmaceutical suspensions. The purpose of this study is to search for cheaper and effective natural excipients that can be used as an effective alternative for the formulation of pharmaceutical suspension. The suspending properties of Cordia gheraf (family Boraginaceae) were evaluated comparatively with those of compound tragacanth, Acacia and gelatin at concentration range of 0.5 – 4.0% w/v in Paracetamol suspension. Characterization tests were carried out on purified Cordia gheraf pulp. Sedimentation volume (%), rheology and particle size analysis were employed as evaluation parameters. The values obtained were used as basis for comparison of the suspending agents studied. Cordia gheraf pulp is safe for use as a suspending agent in human and pet foods based on the levels of use, which are comparable to the use levels of other suspending agents. Cordia gheraf pulp (2.5%w/v) produced a comparable suspending ability as 4%w/v compound tragacanth. Also, the suspending ability of all the materials was found to be in the order: Cordia gheraf > Compound tragacanth gum > Acacia gum > Gelatin. At all concentrations employed, Cordia gheraf pulp had the strongest suspending ability relative to the other materials. The results suggest that, due to the high viscosity of Cordia gheraf pulp, its pulp can be a stabilizer of choice when high viscosity is desired. It can also serve as a good thickening agent in both pharmaceutical and food industries. Studies indicate that the pulp of Cordia gheraf may be used as a pharmaceutical adjuvant and as a suspending agent at 4%w/v, depending on its suspending ability and the stability of the resulting suspension.


Key Words : Cordia gheraf, suspending agents, rheology, degree of flocculation and sedimentation volume


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