Pharmaceutical overview of spherical crystallization

By Patil S. V., Sahoo S. K.


Spherical crystallization is a particle design technique, by which crystallization and agglomeration can be carried out simultaneously in one step and which has been successfully utilized for improvement of flowability, compactability and bioavailability of crystalline drugs. General methods of spherical crystallization are spherical agglomeration, emulsion solvent diffusion and ammonia diffusion method.  The principle steps involved in the process of spherical crystallization are flocculation zone, zero growth zone, fast growth zone and constant size zone. Factors controlling the process of agglomeration are solubility profile, mode and intensity of agitation, temperature of the system and residence time. Spherical crystallization is having wide applications in pharmaceuticals like improvement of flowability and compressibility of poorly compressible drugs, masking bitter taste of drugs and improving the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly soluble drug.


Key Words :spherical crystallization, flowability, compactability, bioavailability. 


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