Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of Polyscias   filicifolia saponins 

ByC. Madhu Divakar, S. Sheela, Sandhya S., Vinod K. R., N. R. Pillai, S. B. Rao


The plant Polyscias filicifolia, commonly known as fern leaf Panax is rich in triterpenoid saponins. The present study orients in the anti- inflammatory and antioxidant activity of these constituents. The saponin fraction obtained from the leaves and roots of Polyscias  filicifolia were tested for its anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities. Carrageenan and formaldehyde induced paw edema and cotton pellet granuloma methods were used to study the effect of their saponins in acute, sub acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. Ibuprofen was used as a reference standard in this study. The extracts were screened also for their antioxidant and COX-2 inhibitory activities. Results indicated that P.filicifolia saponins effectively reduced the carrageenan, formaldehyde induced edema and cotton pellet induced granuloma. The saponin extracts from these plants were found to be a potent inhibitor of hydroxyl, superoxide, peroxide and nitric oxide radicals in invitro studies. In the present study it was observed that Polyscias  filicifolia inhibit the oxygen free radicals like hydroxyl, superoxide, peroxide and nitric oxide which is believed to be involved in the development of inflammatory disorders, the saponin extract significantly inhibited cylco-oxygenase II enzyme activity in, invitro studies. 


Key Words : Polyscias  filicifolia saponins, anti inflammatory activity, oxygen radical scavenging and cyclo oxygenase inhibitory activities.


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