Effect of cytokinin and auxins on meristem culture of Bambusa arundinacea

By Satish Nayak, Bhushan Hatwar, Ashish Jain


The effect of some plant growth hormones on the nodal explant culture were of bamboo has been studied with the view towards the multipurpose use of bamboo. Single nodal explant isolated from field grown plant of Bambusa arundinacea, when cultured on Murashige and Skoog’s (MS) medium containing different concentration and combinations of BAP and Kin produced multiple shoots. Out of the various concentration of BAP used, the medium supplemented with 2 µM BAP and 5 µM Kinetin resulted in profuse shoot formation with increase rhizomatous portion. And when the explant were inoculated in the MS media containing the combination of BAP (0-2 µM) with Kin (0-2µM) the best result was observed with the Kin0µM + BAP1µM, among all the various combinations of theses both hormones were used. After the second sub culturing the plant was inoculated in the MS media containing the various concentrations of IBA and IAA with each BAP and Kinetin were also used, among the all the trials for IAA+Kin the greatest no of responding plant was found in the media containing IAA1.5µM + Kin 0µM and in the case of IBA+Kin the best results was obtained with the MS media containing IBA1µM+Kin0µM in the sense of no. of responding explant for rooting. The no of responding plant for rooting in the MS media containing the combination of  BAP+IBA and BAP+IAA, the best result was obtained with the media containing IAA1.5 µM+BAP0 µM and IBA1.5µM+BAP0µM .


Key Words : Plant tissue culture, M.S. media, plant growth hormones, meristem.


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