Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of mucoadhesive buccal films of Glibenclamide

By P. S. Goudanavar, R. S. Bagali, S. M. Patil, Chandashkhara. S.


The present study was aimed to develop a new Mucoadhesive buccal film for the release of Glibenclamide with improved bioavailability, which is used as an oral hypoglycemic agent. The films were fabricated by solvent casting technique with different polymer combination and evaluated in terms of drug release, bioadhesive strength, content uniformity, film thickness, percentage elongation, surface pH and folding endurance.  The release profile and bioadhesive strength were found to be the function of the type of polymers used.  The formulation containing polymers Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose (HPC) and Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) and Ethyl Cellulose (EC) showed better result.


Key Words : Glibenclamide, mucoadhesive, buccal films, hydroxy propyl cellulose


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