Formulation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets

By Anantha Lakshmi Pallikonda, Ravindar Bairam, M. Motilal, Mekala Shubash Kumar


To improve patient compliance, Mouth Dissolving Tablets (MDT’s) have emerged as an alternative to conventional oral dosage forms. Due to declaim in swallowing ability with age, elderly patients complain that it is difficult for them to administer some currently used dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. MDT’s are solid dosage forms that dissolve or disintegrate rapidly in the oral cavity, resulting in solution suspension without need of water. Absorption starts from mouth. The main objective of this work is to formulate and evaluate Domperidone MDT’s. It acts as an ant emetic used in the treatment of motion sickness. Different batches of tablets were prepared using higher and lower concentrations of superdisintegrants like croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone (C.P), sodium starch glycolate (SSG), while MCC was used as diluents. Tablets were prepared by slugging method. Different evaluations tests like Hardness, Friability, Wetting and disintegration times, % drug release were performed. Tablets containing along with crospovidone were disintegrate rapidly below 20sec and % drug release is 99% at 4th minute. Tablets with added patient benefits and increased consumer satisfaction.


Key Words : Formulation, Domperidone, mouth dissolving tablets


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