Anti-arthritic activity of leaves of Gymnema sylvestre R.Br.leaves in rats

By Jitender K. Malik, F. V. Manvi, B. R. Nanjware, Deepak Kumar Dwivedi, Pankaj Purohit, Sandeep Chouhan


The present study is aimed to evaluate the leaf extracts of Gymnema sylvestre for acclaimed anti-arthritic activity using albino rats. The arthritic action of leaves of Gymnema sylvestre was studied in Freund's adjuvant induced arthritis in rats. Diclofenac sodium was used as a standard drug. The study revealed that the petroleum ether (40—60°) extract and aqueous extract of Gymnema sylvestre possessed significant anti-arthritic activity in all parameters of the study compared to control group. The more potent anti-arthritic activity of leaves of Gymnema sylvestre may be due to nature of steroids, triterpenoids and saponin glycosides. This claim demands further detailed phytochemical profile to identify the active constituent responsible for the anti-arthritic activity.


Key Words : Gymnema sylvestre, anti-arthritic activity, Diclofenac sodium


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