Convergent synthesis: A strategy to synthesize compounds of biological interest

By Nachiket S. Dighe, Shashikant R. Pattan, Deepak S. Musmade, Vinayak M. Gaware, Mangesh B. Hole, Santosh R. Butle, Dattatrya A. Nirmal


Convergent synthesis in chemistry is an method of synthesis which mainly works with the aim of improving efficiency of multi step organic synthesis. It mainly helps in assymmetric synthesis, synthesis of natural products and synthesis of heterocyclic compunds of biological interest.In this review we attempt to bring the attention towards this method with its recent applications in synthetic organic chemistry and its future perspectives in relation to current pharmaceutical industries mainly working in relation to synthesis of biologically active nucleus.


Key Words : Convergent synthesis, Organic synthesis, Total synthesis, Glycopeptide.


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