Immunosuppressive activity of aqueous extract of Lagenaria siceraria (standley) in mice 


By Sankari M., Chitra V., Jubilee R., Silambu Janaki P., Raju D


The immunosuppressive activity of the Aqueous extract of fruit of Lagenaria siceraria consisting of  mixture of saponins, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, phenol and glycosides was studied  in mice. The assessment of immunomodulatory activity was carried out by testing the humoral (antibody titre) and cellular (foot pad swelling) immune responses to the antigenic challenge by sheep RBCs.  Oral administration of extract showed a significant decrease delayed type hypersensitivity response whereas the humoral response to sheep RBCs was unaffected. Thus the extract significantly suppressed the cellular immunity by decreasing the footpad thickness response to sheep RBCs in sensitized mice. With a dose of 150 and 300 mg/kg/day the DTH response was 7.66±2.75 and 6.47±1.12 respectively in comparison to control group 14.25±2.48(P<0.05). The study demonstrates that the extract shows preferential suppression of the components of cell-mediated immunity and shows no effect on the humoral immunity. 


Key Words : Immunosuppressants, Lagenaria siceraria, delayed type hypersensitivity, heamagglutinating   antibody titer, aqueous extract


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