Comparative evaluation of polyherbal formulations for  anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity  in rats  and  mice 


By Sandhya Desai, Akbar Ahmad, Mahesh Gite, Bhaskar Gavitre, Yogesh More


Polyherbal formulations (MFT09 and MFG09) containing extracts of various plant constituents viz: Boswellia serrata, Commiphora wightii, Withania somnifera, Curcuma longa, Tinospora cordifolia, Zingiber officinale, Alpinia galangal, Cyperus rotundus and Vitex negundo, were evaluated for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Anti-inflammatory activity were investigated in albino wistar rats using Carageenan induced hind paw edema model, while the Radiant heat tail flick test was used as a model for evaluating analgesic activity. Treatment with MFT09 resulted in significant decrease in hind paw swelling as compared to MFG09. The effect of MFT09 produced significant analgesic activity against thermal induced pain stimuli in mice at various time intervals post treatment as indicating by increased latency to flick the tail which suggests that its activity might have resulted from its central action. Meanwhile, the results of the acute toxicity test, for oral as well as topical preparation of MFT09 and MFG09 respectively indicate that it is relatively safe and/or non-toxic to rats. The findings of these experimental animal studies indicate that MFT09 possesses potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity as compared to MFG09. 


Key Words : MFT09, MFG09, carageenan, anti-inflammatory, analgesic activity 


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