Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of once-daily sustained-release matrix tablets of Glipizide 

By Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Harika B., Leela Lakshmi V., Mohana Ramya C. H., Deepika D., Chitta Suresh Kumar


The main aim of the present investigation was to develop matrix tablets of Glipizide with Prosophis juliflora gum and to study its functionality as a matrix forming agent for once daily sustained release tablet formulations. Physicochemical properties of dried powdered Prosophis juliflora gum were studied. Various formulations of Glipizide Prosophis juliflora gum were prepared. They formulated tablets found to have better uniformity of weight and the drug content with low SD values. The swelling behavior and release rate characteristics were studied.  The dissolution study proved that the dried Prosophis juliflora gumcan be used as a matrix forming material for making once daily Sustained release matrix tablets. 


Key Words : Glipizide, Prosophis juliflora, matrix tablets, once daily sustained release


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