Clinical research future aspects

By Sarang Jain, Raj K. Keservani, Narendra Vyas,  Ramsaneh Raghuvanshi, Shailendra Bindaiya, Praveen Jain 


India is emerging as a global hub for clinical research. According to projections from McKinsey & Company, the Indian clinical research industry could attract US $1.5 billion of revenue from U.S. and European sponsors by 2010, creating a demand for more than 10,000 investigators trained in good clinical practice (GCP) and supported by nearly 50,000 clinical research professionals. The revenue expected to be reaching US $ 20 billion in India till 2015.With increased outsourcing from the U.S. and Europe to India, global pharmaceutical companies and Indian entrepreneurs have set up contract research organizations (CROs) in India. They are attracting highly competent professionals, both in the clinical research profession and the knowledge process outsourcing sector.  


Key Words : Clinical research, clinical trials,


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