Swine influenza: A pandemic flu: “The greatest medical holocaust in history?

By Shikha Srivastava, Nidhi Misra, Upama Misra



Swine flu is a respiratory disease, caused by influenza type A which infects pigs, they are of many types, and the infection is constantly changing. Until now it has normally infected humans, but the latest form clearly does, and can be spread from person to person probably three coughing and sneeze, WHO has confirmed that at least some of the human cases are newer before seen version of H1N1 strain of influenza type A.H1N1 is the same strain which causes seasonal outbreaks of flu in humans on a regular basis but at least version of H1N1 is different if contains genetic material that is typically found in strains of virus that affects humans, birds and swine. Pigs provide an excellent ‘melting pots’ for these virus to mix and match with each other. Nobody knows the full impact of a pandemic but experts have warned that it could lost millions of lives worldwide. Here this review focused on the Historical aspects of this influenza, its origin, its impact, transmission and prevention.

Key Words : swine flu, hog flu, pig flu, H1N1 virus, 1918 Pandemic flu

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