Role of spatial string tension under the QCD phenomenology 

By Navjot Hothi and Shuchi Bisht 


The spatial string tension has a widespread influence upon various distinctive features of Quantum-Chromodynamics (QCD). These include the behavioural implications of spatial string tension correponding to varying temperatures under different QCD phases. An  exclusive study has been performed for visualising this variation both above and below the critical deconfinement temperatures Tc. Furthermore, we have pinpointed the observational difference between the QCD approach corresponding to Nc=1 and Nc=3 limits. Also, we have tried to study the effective spatial string tension in quenched SU(Nc) QCD under the gluon chain model when temperatures are considered below Tc. The spatial string tension is also visualized within a five dimensional AdS/QCD framework. We observed that the temperature dependence of string tension is very soft below Tc and sharp above Tc.  

PACS numbers: 12.38.-t, 11.25.Wx, 12.38.Gc, 12.38.Aw 

Keywords: Spatial string tension, Wilson loops, deconfinement temperature, AdS/QCD 

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