Determination of thermal and physical properties of sediments in the NIger delta, using wire line log data 

By Kakali Bhuyan 


A study on the level of indoor radon and thoron in some dwellings of Lakhimpur district, Assam has been presented in this communication. A total of twenty houses were selected and analyzed for radon and thoron emission. The implications presented in this paper are based on statistical analyses of the raw data. Normal distribution analysis (NDA) and ANNOVA are employed to ?nd out the distribution pattern and other related information. Differences between mean and median in each case, high standard deviation, significant kurtosis and skewness indicate that radon and thoron emission in the study area exhibit unsymmetrical distribution with a long asymmetric tail, extending either towards higher or lower values with respect to the median. The study establishes the presence of radioactive emission in the dwellings of the district of Lakhimpur. 

Key Words:  Radon, Thoron, Skewness, Kurtosis. 

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