Determination of thermal and physical properties of sediments in the NIger delta, using wire line log data 

By Akpabio, G. T., George, N. J. and Udofia, K.M. 


Wire line logs have been used in this study to determine the thermal and physical properties of sediments in the Niger Delta.  Results show that thermal conductivity depends on porosity (Your browser may not support display of this image. ) and sonic velocity (Vp).  The effective thermal conductivity seems to be low at the central portion of the Niger Delta basin but increases away from the centre in all direction o the basin.  Thermal conductivity and sonic velocity are practically interdependent as they increase proportionally.  The physical properties such as temperature, velocity and lithology were also measure or calculated along side with thermal gradient.  The values of physical and thermal parameters obtained in this research through wire line logs have been used to correlate the values of the thermal properties determined in the laboratory to establish the effective and acceptable bulk thermal conductivities of the region.   

Keyword: Thermal Properties, physical properties, Niger Delta, Wire line logs and sediments 

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