Correlative study of laboratory bulk thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity obtained from wire-line Logs in the Niger delta region of Southern Nigeria. 

By Akpabio, G. T., George, N. J. and  Udofia, K.M. 


Correlative study by regression analysis has been undertaken to establish the linearity between the measurements of bulk thermal conductivity obtained from wire line logs and the laboratory methods.  In all the locations, there are positive and strong correlation coefficients between the two methods.  For each of the well locations, wire line log   conductivity kw is noticeably greater than laboratory bulk conductivity klab by approximately 27% on the average.  Correlative functions or models have been established from the data obtained by Klab and Kw to show the linearity relation   between the bulk thermal conductivity by laboratory (Klab) and wire line log bulk thermal conductivity (Kw).  In all, the well locations in the study area considered, there is unique pattern of distributions of effective thermal conductivity by Klab and Kw as shown in relevant graphs. 

Keyword: Correlation, bulk thermal conductivity, effective thermal conductivity, wire line log and laboratory measurement.  

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