and  decays of  and


By Bhaghyesh, K. B. Vijaya Kumar* and Antony Prakash Monteiro


We present a calculation of the two-photon and the two-gluon decay widths of P-wave charmonia  and . Using the phenomenological relativistic harmonic model for quarks we obtained the masses of the states  and . The full Hamiltonian used in the investigation has Lorentz scalar plus vector confinement potential, along with the confined one gluon exchange potential (COGEP). The COGEP consists of a central part, a spin-orbit part and a tensor part. To obtain the masses the Hamiltonian matrix is constructed in the basis of harmonic oscillator states and diagonalized. The parameters and the wave function used for the prediction of the mass spectrum are used to calculate their partial decay widths.
PACS No: 14.40.-n, 14.40.Aq, 14.40.Ev, 12.39.-x, 12.39.Ki 

Key Words: Relativistic harmonic model, Confined-one-gluon-exchange potential, Two-photon and Two-gluon decay widths. 

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