Age Determination of Pookerdvall pottery samples based on Thermo-luminescence behavior and their glow curves. 

By F.Ashrafi, Z.Moghaddaszadeh, F.Bahrololoumi, G. Abbasi 


The constituent material in the pottery contains crystalline grains that can absorb emitted energies from radioactive material. Age of the pottery can be determined by measuring stored energies in the pottery and annual dose. Thermo-luminescence is the common method for pottery dating. There are several procedures for measuring total energy in the pottery (Paleodose) by this method. By thermo-luminescence dating in the age determination laboratory of Research Centre for Conservation of Cultural Relics of Tehran Province (the only age determination laboratory in Iran), additive dose always has been used for Paleodose. The major aim in this research was using regeneration method for measuring Paleodose which has much more precision than other methods and needs smaller amounts of samples. For this purpose and age determination, five samples of potteries were chosen from ancient Pookerdvall (Gorgan, Iran) site.  

Keywords: Age determination, thermo-luminescence, Pookerdvall, addition method, regeneration method. 

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