Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of a new NLO material: Mono- L-alaninium nitrate (MAN)

By M. Vimalan, X. Helan Flora, S. Tamilselvan, R. Jeyasekaran, P. Sagayaraj and C. K. Mahadevan


Semi-organic nonlinear optical single crystals of mono- L-alaninium nitrate (MAN) were grown by the slow evaporation technique. The structure and morphology of the grown crystals were estimated by single crystal XRD analysis. The UV-Vis-NIR spectrum of MAN indicates a wide optical transmission window from 290-2000 nm. The SHG in the sample is confirmed by Nd:YAG laser employing the Kurtz and Perry powder technique and its damage threshold is found to be 7.12 GW/cm2. TG and DTA techniques confirm that the sample is structurally stable upto 146 oC. The mechanical properties of the grown crystals are studied using Vickers microhardness tester. Dielectric measurements were carried out and the nature of variation of dielectric constant er and dielectric loss in the frequency range of 50 Hz to 5 MHz was studied and reported. Photoconductivity studies of mono-L-alaninium nitrate crystal reveal the negative photoconducting nature.

Keywords: Crystal growth from solution; Thermal properties; NLO; Dielectric properties.

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