Induced polarization interpretation for subsurface characterisation: A case study of Obadore, Lagos State

By A. A Alabi, A. S Ogungbe, B. Adebo and O. Lamina


Induced polarization (IP) imaging was conducted at Obadore in Ojo Local Government, Lagos State, to evaluate the potential of the method when structural properties of the subsurface are required. It addresses one of the potential near-surface applications of the IP method, namely lithological characterization. The study shows that IP imaging is a promising tool for mapping lithological contrasts in unconsolidated sediments and to clarify difficulties in lithological interpretation observed in other geophysical methods. The profiles obtained in the study area depicted two layers; the first layer with consistent and considerable high chargeability signatures at depth of 20m indicates sand formation. The second layer predicted to be clay with low IP effects was observed at various depths for all the profiles.

Keywords: Lithological characterization, Induced polarization, frequency-domain, time-domain, chargeability.

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